Here you can find  information about some of the best reissues of vintage Hawaiian steel guitar recordings together with details of some great contemporary bands in the same style

The Cds on this page are not available from this website but where possible we include links to retailers/ stockists who can supply them:

There is an exceptional new reissue of the early recordings made by Tau and Rose Moe. Titled "Classic Recordings 1929-1949" it includes all the sides Tau cut in 1929 in Tokyo with Madame Rivière's troupe plus other rare items made in Shanghai, Hawaii , India and the UK. It is easily available online by mail order in the USA from . In Europe it can ordered from Bear Family It seems to be easily available in Japan - a simple google search should give you buying options

"Genial Hawaiians" which reissues all 12 Jim & Bob recordings from their 1933 session for Bluebird , along with all 12 sides made by George Ku's Paradise Islanders ... 

 Ken Emerson and Robert Armstrong " Escape to Jazz Island"

Gino Bordin " Virtuose de la guitare hawaïenne" reissued 25 vintage sides from this Parisian maestro of the steel guitar ...Europe's most significant exponent of the instrument in our view

You can order direct from City Hall Records in San Rafael, California or Bear Family Mail Order in Germany

Probably everyone visiting this site is already a Sol Hoopii fan .Besides the two  Rounder reissues there 's the Origin Jazz Library " Classic Hawaiian Steel Guitar Performances 1933-34" which covers Sol's stunning Brunswick period and you can order direct from the label here can also explore their superb Bix reissues while you're there

The exceptional book by Mark Makin " Palm Trees, Senoritas...and Rocket Ships!" is a must-buy for National /Dobro enthusiasts .. visit Mark's site to purchase your copy

 If you have difficulty obtaining any of the products recommended on this site please contact us here and we will try and put you in touch with a supplier

Les Hula Serenaders ! Some good friends of ours in Paris have  released a CD of vintage  Hawaiian tunes and steel guitar 1930s/Sol Hoopii style.

If you would like a copy then please email us and we'll let you know how to get one.

(photo: Fernando Fernandez Balina)

This is a wonderful issue by Les Guitares Magiques ...please investigate the page we've now dedicated to this release


19 January 2020